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Maps & Data

Third-party data

Enrich your location-based apps and services with a wide range of third-party data, services, APIs and SDKs – all on HERE Marketplace.

Find all the location data you need from specialist providers

Access location data and assets from third-party providers around the world, all in one place.

Source and license specialist location data, services, APIs, and SDKs from global B2B providers on HERE Marketplace – for a broad range of industries and use cases.

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Access versatile location-centric resources

Add relevance, insight and location context to your application or use case. Employ location data from diverse third-party sources.


Find specialist data for your industry focus

Source location data and assets from providers in different industries and markets – then mix and match them in your app or service for the best business solution.

Data ownership

Benefit from our global and neutral marketplace

Get all the data you need on HERE Marketplace – a neutral exchange platform for location data and services, open to providers around the world.

Rich datasets from industry leaders

Third-party data services

Vehicle sensor data

Vehicle sensor data

Access real-time data from connected cars, including vehicle mileage, fuel, engine performance, ABS status and trip summaries.

  • Driving Behavior
  • Origin-destination data
  • Traveled distance/mileage data
  • Vehicle lock/door/window status
  • Vehicle fuel/battery/lights status
  • Electric vehicle range
Road weather data and information

Weather and environmental data

Explore weather and environment patterns, with data on real-time and historical weather, forecasts, air quality, and weather-related road warnings.

Datasets include:

  • Global point-based weather data
  • Road weather data and information
  • Historical weather data
  • Real-time air quality (pollutants and pollen)
Consumer behaviour

Consumer behavior data

Profile your audience by location and learn more about consumer spending and pedestrian flow. Anonymized datasets include:

  • Retail purchase behavior
  • Demographics
  • Financial
  • Interests
  • Firmographics
Third Party Data

Mobility and smartphone data

Analyze cellular signal strength and network reception by location or explore population mobility patterns in a specific area. Anonymized datasets include:

  • Mobile location data
  • Real-time GPS probe data
  • Transportation data
  • Predictive traffic light service
View of a downtown with congested traffic and a vehicle using traffic data, real time traffic data and traffic flow.

Road and infrastructure data

Improve the planning of infrastructure enhancements by analyzing location data on road networks, traffic lights and cellular signal coverage.

Datasets include:

  • Road surface conditions and alerts
  • Traffic volume profiles
  • EV charge points
  • Real-time potholes and speed-breakers data
  • Pedestrian safety analysis

Customer stories

Delivering value from connected car data uses data from HERE platform, the next evolution in building connected services for the automotive industry.

Building a map of the future is critical, and that's what HERE does. Data from HERE is key to our ability to create use cases and solutions for end customers.

Steve Milton, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder at

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