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Feb 16, 2022

An innovative solution to deal with garbage disposal

By working with HERE, IT company PROLOGA can create complex waste collection and recycling solutions.

Waste not, want not

After more than twenty years serving both public and private sector waste management companies, PROLOGA is witnessing a massive shift in waste control. Digitalization, automation and meeting new environmental standards are the three biggest challenges facing the industry today. The world needs more “intelligent" waste management systems.

PROLOGA relies on HERE Map data, HERE Geocoding & Search, HERE Routing, and HERE Matrix Routing to meet the needs of their clients and create smart waste management solutions.

Instead of emptying trash cans every Tuesday and recycling bins every Thursday, for instance, sensors keep track of bin capacity and send data back to the waste management firm directing them when to send out trucks. Truck routing is also "smart" in that trip plans are based on these data sets, the needs of the people in specific locations, and the quantity and type of waste. It's all much more specific and user-oriented than only a few years ago.

Christoph Hillmann, Product Owner and Manager at PROLOGA, explains how their two core products, supported by HERE, complement each other: “Using an algorithm, we can identify not just a planning solution, but also dynamic routing based on smart bin sensor data — meaning you can reduce costs [related to truck maintenance, fuel, and congestion] and your CO2 footprint."

In addition, waste collection companies are helping us move toward a circular economy, where one person's waste is another's treasure — and recycling is key. “There is a [much stronger interest] in what actually happens with waste. It's increasingly seen as a valuable material and for some companies, even as their secondary raw material. So, there is more of a need for transparency during waste collection," concluded Hillmann.

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Waste collection truck

There's a huge need to label yourself as a smart city and definitely as a smarter business.

Christoph Hillmann, Product Owner and Manager, PROLOGA