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HERE ranked #1 location platform

Omdia's annual Location Platform Index puts HERE ahead of Google, TomTom and Mapbox

Highest-ranking vendor

HERE is once again the highest-ranking vendor in Omdia's Location Platform Index with an overall score of 7.73.

The gap widened between HERE and Google, the second in the annual benchmarking report compiled by analysts. Google received a score of 7.52 and TomTom, in third place, was given the score 6.40.

The Location Platform Index rates major platform vendors on their market reach and “completeness of platform“, a category that focuses on the core capabilities and associated services of each platform.

The high score HERE received was down to several factors. Analysts praised the HERE Marketplace as a differentiating feature from other platforms. The growing developer base and continuously improving open developer framework were also highlights.

While COVID-19 hit all location platforms, the analysts said HERE had done well to diversify its offering, increasing bookings in sectors such as urban mobility and electric vehicles by 33%. HERE is the leader in the automotive market and has strong partnerships, particularly in China and Asia Pacific.

Data privacy is increasingly important in the market due to regulation, and this is an area in which HERE excels. Senior Analyst Charlotte Palfrey said: “HERE is the king of data privacy.“ Omdia found that those in the location platform business who do not improve their data privacy will be left behind.

It is the sixth consecutive time that HERE has been in top position, in successive reports since 2018.


HERE is the king of data privacy.

Charlotte Palfrey, Senior Analyst, Omdia