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BMW 7 Series enables hands-free driving

BMW hands-free driving - news - HERE360

Vehicles in US and Canada reach SAE Level 2+ at 80mph

BMW is launching its 7 Series in the US and Canada – and the car reaches SAE Level 2+ at 80mph/130km/h thanks to HERE HD Live Map.

This means the vehicle can be driven hands-free on interstates and highways. The only condition is that drivers must stay focused and ready to take control if necessary.

HERE HD Live Map consists of rich, highly accurate and fresh layers of data. It helps the vehicle to know exactly where it is on the road and what road features lie ahead.

As automated driving capabilities increase for other vehicles, roadways and regions, HERE HD Live Map will be integrated into new BMW models. "We look forward to supporting the expansion of Level 2+ to all types of roads, everywhere in the world," said Fred Hessabi, Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer at HERE Technologies.

Build a safer autonomous driving system with our precise HD map data.

A digital HD map is essential for highly automated driving. HERE HD Live Map is rich and reliable: it provides road geometry, route profile and traffic signs – all on a global scale.

Dr Nicolai Martin

Senior Vice President Development Automated Driving, BMW Group


HERE Technologies

HERE Technologies

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