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Last Mile Optimization

Optimize tour plans and solve the last mile problem with location services from HERE


Helping last mile services and delivery providers plan better

Businesses today are under increasing pressure to meet high customer expectations, such as same-day delivery.  

But they are often limited by paper-based systems, and fail to efficiently allocate fleets of vans and drivers to thousands of jobs.

To meet these demands, businesses need location services that can generate optimized tour plans, taking into account job lists, drivers, delivery vehicles and a myriad set of variables and constraints. 

Our technologies help save time and fuel, and make operational planning more efficient.

Powering optimized tour plans
  • Efficiently distribute thousands of jobs
  • Utilize EV vehicles more effectively
  • Return best-stop points for efficient deliveries

Key advantages

How we make deliveries smarter

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Optimize tour plans

Distribute thousands of jobs to your entire fleet – effortlessly. Let drivers focus on the drive, and not on calculating the trip. Ensure the best route is used to deliver the most goods in a single day.  

Delivery driver

Boost driver performance

Deliver stop point suggestions directly to your driver for the next 4–5 deliveries, and actively improve your recommendations through machine learning. This saves time and boosts driver satisfaction.

Electric vehicle charging up

Integrate EV fleets into your tour planning

EV vans are becoming more prominent in fleets. HERE allows EV vehicles to be integrated into tour planning, taking into account individual EV range and charge to make the most out of them.

Address special requirements

Different goods have different handling requirements. For example, some may require a van with refrigeration. Our optimization API assigns packets to the right vehicles.

Address urgent deliveries

Some packets are more urgent than others, and therefore must be planned for earlier delivery in the day. HERE makes it easy to calculate plans that incorporate these priorities.

Avoid traffic

Empower your drivers with navigation based on real-time traffic, through native apps powered by our mobile SDKs.

Get started with Last Mile Optimization

With optimized tour plans, stop point suggestions, plus EV vehicle integration, take the thinking out of tour planning.

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Partners in success

Working with Oracle to bring location intelligence to construction

Just north of Chicago, a new project from Oracle is under construction that will redefine efficiency and optimization in the construction industry.

Products for Last Mile Optimization

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Location Services


Intelligent routing algorithms for safe and efficient journeys

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Location Services


Highly accurate maps, available worldwide

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Location Services


Accurate real-time and historical traffic insights

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HERE EV Charging Stations

Know where to find your next charge

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Location Services


A trusted SDK to build your native apps

Want to stay ahead of the competition?

With optimized tour plans, stop point suggestions, plus EV vehicle integration, take the thinking out of tour planning.