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Las Vegas at night
Jan 7 - 10, 2020 - HERE Booth LVCC,Central Plaza CP-2

HERE at CES 2020

Visit us at CES and discover how HERE location technology is powering the New Reality

THE NEW REALITY IS HERE, and it’s location powered.

At CES 2020, HERE Technologies will show how location technology improves efficiency, innovation and engagement, to make our lives better.

As technology disrupts many different industries, a paradox is emerging. Your customers expect seamless digital experiences, such as same day delivery. But it’s becoming more complex for your business to digitize and meet their demands.

Whether you’re optimizing your truck fleet, designing a self-driving car, developing the next big app or building a smart electricity grid, discover how HERE location technology can enable your business to be faster, safer and more relevant - and allow people to live, move and interact in new and better ways. 

THE NEW REALITY IS HERE, and it’s location powered.

Find us at Tech East - Central Plaza, LVCC, Booth CP2

cargo containers

CES 2020

Supply chain visibility

Whether you want to know exactly where your shipments are, or you need to organize complex routes for seamless delivery, real-time tracking visibility and location data makes your business more efficient.

lady on bicycle

CES 2020

Disrupting urban mobility

Location technology powers modern mobility. Improve traffic flow and transport planning. Reduce congestion. And make journeys more seamless for the benefit of drivers, riders and cities.

lady driving car

CES 2020

The connected car

Our technology allows cars to see what the driver can’t, making journeys safer and more efficient. And with over-the-air updates, our navigation is always relevant and customizable to suit driving habits.

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CES 2020

Pioneering advertising

Location technology enables your business to build loyalty and engagement. Use data to connect one-on-one with customers wherever they are, ensuring you stay top of mind from awareness to purchase.

How can HERE help you?

Discover how location technology can transform your business.