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Here booth
Jan 7 - 10, 2020 - Las Vegas, NV

Join us at CES 2020

Find us at Tech East - Central Plaza, LVCC, Booth CP-2

Discover how HERE location technology improves efficiency, innovation and engagement to make our lives better.

THE NEW REALITY IS HERE, and it’s location powered.

As technology disrupts many different industries, a paradox is emerging. Your customers expect seamless digital experiences, such as same day delivery. But it’s becoming more complex for your business to digitize and meet their demands.

Whether you’re optimizing your truck fleet, designing a self-driving car, developing the next big app or building a smart electricity grid, discover how HERE location technology can enable your business to be faster, safer and more relevant - and allow people to live, move and interact in new and better ways.

Register today for your exclusive interactive demo of the power of location technology by HERE.

Map showing HERE booth position at CES

Find us at CES 2020

Visit us between 8am and 6pm, January 7-10, at the HERE Booth LVCC in Tech-East - Last Vegas Convention Centre, Central Plaza, CP-2

HERE at CES 2020

Learn how location technology is creating a New Reality for your industry

Day 3, Jan 9th @ 11:30 - 12:30

Enabling an efficient mobile future with location-based AI

HERE CTO Giovanni Lanfranchi and Dr Michael Kopp, founding director of the Institute of Advanced Research in Artificial Intelligence, explore the realities and real-world applications of AI and how we're using it to solve real-world problems. Learn more here.


Join us at the Las Vegas Convention Centre, North Hall, N256

HERE is the world's #1 location platform

Discover why Ovum ranked HERE #1 for two years running.