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Boost operational and performance efficiency with HERE

Work smarter with location-driven geospatial insights into your field work force, asset management and customers.

How HERE provides meaningful location insights to help you plan, build and maintain your utility network

  • Streamline field force management

    HERE helps make workforces smarter, faster and more efficient – so your business can increase customer satisfaction. Identify faults, reoccurring maintenance tasks and outages through the visualization of location, and ensure the right people are in the right position to solve them. Increase workforce productivity by reducing schedule lag and speeding up collaboration processes.

  • Make asset management more effective

    Assets and equipment need to be maintained for safety, compliance and financial reasons. HERE provides immediate insight into the location of your fixed assets or resources, allowing you to identify critical areas and prioritize maintenance accordingly. In addition, rich topographical insights give you better visibility on where, when, and how to upgrade legacy networks.

  • Enhance customer satisfaction

    Understand and interact with customers on a deeper, more personal level. Analyze customer behavior to enhance business performance and create valuable consumer experiences that drive business – whether it is identifying new segments and customer insights, evaluating forecast models, focusing your inbound call handling through location or providing more accurate maintenance schedules.

  • Gain deep knowledge of electric vehicle adoption

    Whether you need to understand the demand for electric vehicles (EV), identify opportunities in the EV charging infrastructure, or develop digital customer experiences for this emerging market, HERE gives you the tools and services to do it all. Leverage real-time vehicle-side data, visualize charging grids and points, and gain a better view of assets to drive operational and customer outcomes.

Learn how HERE makes utilities more efficient

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