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Geographically visualize, analyze and plan your network

A comprehensive set of location services from HERE Technologies that allows you to gain geospatial insights into the location of your network infrastructure, customers and field service personnel

How HERE Technologies can provide meaningful location insights to help you plan, build and maintain your telecom network

  • USP 1 telco

    Network planning and management

    HERE delivers location insights that help telecommunication providers better understand their network areas, the existing demand and supply, gaps in network coverage, and the physical locations of cables and towers. It allows them to immediately identify patterns and trends to further plan, maintain and optimize their network.

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    Network performance

    HERE enables network operators to contextually visualize and analyze their networks’ performance with surrounding and underlying location data, especially related to where the drop-calls mostly occur, where roaming services are mostly used, and where there’s need for additional hardware investments to support current demands and prevent anomalies.

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    Field workforce management

    HERE lets telecom operators view, track and manage their fixed and mobile assets so they can optimize assignment of resources to complete work, get real-time information on location of field workers, and provide location insights into the telco infrastructure right on the spot. This allows for an increase in service efficiency and customer satisfaction while establishing service differentiation with location tools on the leading edge.

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    Network investment

    HERE location technologies enable an accurate spatial analysis of telco data to allow for an easy identification of the business opportunities that necessitate changes to telecom infrastructure or service plans in specific regions and markets. It allows telecommunication companies to further build their networks economically and effectively while identifying those areas likely to yield more customers.

  • Market assessments

    HERE provides the means to visualize telco data, as well as demographic data such as population, type of neighborhood, average income and customer preferences within a geospatial context. This allows telecommunications service providers to target new markets and generate a fast return on investment by prioritizing sales efforts in areas of greatest immediate potential.

  • “HERE provided us with a fantastic platform and how to visualize in 3D the data we can collect, prepare and deliver to the customer. Visualization of the result was a key component of our strategy and our way to deliver services to final customers.”

    • Lorenzo Minelli
    • Head of Network Planning & Optimization
    • Nokia Networks

  • “… We have always found them [HERE] to be extremely cooperative and responsive to our needs. The quality, currency and accuracy of HERE Maps products exceed our utility customers’ expectations, providing offline navigable base maps at unmatched vector graphics performance levels.”

    • Dr. Walter Hesse
    • Chairman
    • we-do-IT Group of Companies

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