HERE Geocoder

Fast and accurate location information

Does your business depend on getting to the right address quickly and efficiently? HERE Geocoder is an essential solution for scalable and accurate global location and coordinate pin-pointing with batch query capabilities.

Whether you start with an address or a set of coordinates, HERE Geocoder gives your drivers location identification accuracy to a precise address. This gives drivers more precise location information than other navigation tools. Additionally, it offers you reliable and fresh global address coverage. If your enterprise needs something more specialized, HERE Geocoder has a full range of geocoding services to manage large amounts of data and support heavy daily operations like batch geocoding and multi-reverse geocoding.

Product benefits

HERE Geocoder is designed to help quickly locate exactly where things need to be whether for one address or dozens and whether it's around the corner or across the planet.

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    Global coverage:

    Whether your business operations are at a local or global scale, Geocoder offers you accuracy with global coverage.

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    Greater accuracy:

    Make more informed business decisions with door-to-door address accuracy.

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    More flexibility:

    Send up to 100 queries per request and get more options for your location search.

What can Geocoder do for your business?

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Did you know?

HERE processes more than 19 billion Geocode requests every month.


geocode requests per month

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