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HERE Tracking

Global tracking of devices, people and things


Global tracking, indoors and outdoors

A connected world comes at a cost: complexity. For businesses, the key to operating efficiently in this world is having greater visibility and traceability of devices, people and things.

HERE Tracking offers precise end-to-end tracking and accurate, real-time, and historical locations for devices, people and things. It enables seamless indoor and outdoor tracking on a truly global scale.

HERE Tracking – Global tracking of devices, people and things

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A complete IoT tracking solution

HERE Tracking is a hardware-agnostic, global, reliable and secure IoT location solution. It enables trackers and devices to seamlessly transition between indoor and outdoor environments. By using Wi-Fi, BLE beacons, and cell signals, HERE Tracking can also work without satellite positioning.

HERE Tracking easily integrates into existing cloud services via the HERE Tracking cloud connector API. It includes HERE Tracking client libraries, which provide power-efficient and accurate positioning for IoT devices, as well as HERE Tracking reference applications for Android, iOS and the web.


Enhancing business operations

HERE Tracking makes it quick and easy to locate devices and track goods. This ability optimizes utilization, reduces waste, and increases operational insights.

Power-efficient accuracy

Trackers using HERE Tracking benefit from significant battery savings, allowing for smaller and lower cost devices.

Indoor and outdoor in one

HERE Tracking works for outdoor and indoor tracking – without added complexity. Integrate private buildings as venue maps to trace devices indoors.

End–to-end insights

Define geofences, get directions to devices or geofences, track devices as they move through their journey, and receive ETA notifications when devices are within range. Work smarter by following a device’s path on a map using current and historical data.

User and device management

Define roles for users or groups by assigning owner, supervisor and observer rights. Add IoT devices to the cloud, and customize their information and reporting intervals for maximum flexibility.

Critical notifications

Take action when it matters most. Define alerts for when devices cross geofences or run out of battery, or for when an individual is added to a workspace.

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