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The mobility ecosystem is hyper-fragmented, with obstacles hindering true freedom of movement. HERE Mobility aims to improve access to the world’s transportation and mobility services by bringing them all into one place.

HERE Mobility is dedicated to the facilitation of driving smart mobility forward through high-tech solutions. With a sophisticated suite of products, HERE Mobility empowers customers and enables the businesses that cater to their needs. By standardizing and opening up access to all mobility services, and by connecting supply with demand, HERE Mobility is democratizing the mobility ecosystem to benefit all businesses and all consumers.


HERE Mobility Marketplace

The HERE Mobility Marketplace functions as an aggregator for supplying and requesting mobility services, redefining the mobility ecosystem. Suppliers of any size, anywhere can offer these services to an increased stream of demand, and any entity requesting mobility services can compare, select, and consume such services through the Mobility Marketplace, redefining the mobility ecosystem.

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HERE Mobility Dispatch

HERE Mobility Dispatch system is a real-time fleet utilization and optimization solution for fleet managers, dispatchers, and drivers. The HERE Mobility Dispatch system provides unique visibility and insight into fleet behavior to maximize resources and synchronize the dispatcher with the drivers for a smooth ride. This sophisticated solution helps close the technology gap among vendors.

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