HERE Location Services: Self hosting

Host location services on your own infrastructure

Bring location intelligence to your business. With our self-hosting enterprise offering you’re the one in charge – from hosting maps and location services on your own infrastructure for control over data security to stimulating the growth of your business and creating more monetization possibilities.

Whether you’re building a commercial app, aiming to integrate location functionality within your current platform, or looking to capture new types of location data to develop monetization strategies, HERE offers a variety of location services for you to host from your own infrastructure to enhance your product offering.

Calculate accurate estimated times of arrival (ETAs) for on-demand services; optimize user experiences with type-ahead autocomplete; geocode massive amounts of data in batch jobs; give access to historical data to predict better routes, and provide isoline routing to solve complex logistical problems.

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    Streamline processes and ensure service availability through your company’s in-house server and computing infrastructure.

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    Keep location data and services within your company, behind your firewall and to be compliant with the laws and regulations that apply to your business.

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    Contain costs associated with processing large volumes of data while implementing monetization strategies that work for you.

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HERE Location Services you can self-host:

Mapping services

Pre-rendered map images, diverse map styles, and, with an online connection to the HERE cloud, global satellite images and venue maps

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Directions services

Precise instructions for various transport modes and traffic conditions, with only traffic-enabled routing requiring an online connection.

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Geocoding services

For conversion of street addresses to geo-coordinates and vice-versa as well as autocomplete.

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Traffic services

With an online connection to the HERE cloud: traffic flow and incident information as well as map tiles with traffic overlays.

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Custom location

Storage, management and retrieval of custom Points of Interest (PoI) and polygons.

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Geofencing services

For monitoring of mobile assets entering or leaving a certain geographic area.

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