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Interactive visualization styles for geospatial analysis


Visualize vast data

Businesses today are coping with large amounts of data and looking for ways to transform it into action. Geographic visualizations are becoming essential when it comes to exploring these data sets, facilitating learning and developing solutions to complex problems.

Geovisualization allows businesses to visualize analytics and display them directly on HERE maps, helping to simplify concepts and identify new patterns in geographic areas. Business can unearth value through charts and graphs, while interactively changing what data is displayed and how it’s processed.

Technical Information

Seamless integration into maps

The keys to any successful geographical visualization are data, location and map visualization. Geovisualization supports the upload, storage, querying, geo-enrichment and display of customer data right onto HERE maps.

Our vast library of visualization styles comprises of choropleth, raster maps or grid maps, density or heat maps, and market maps, as well as visualization methods such as charts and graphs.

How Geovisualization works:

Secure data hosting

Data is uploaded fast through a data manager interface or directly through the API. A sophisticated authentication mechanic protects the data from being accessed by anyone else.

Location enrichment

Once uploaded, data is processed and prepared in the HERE cloud. Latitude and longitude are derived from an address, and geo-enrichment and other attributes are added for more detail. Data can be queried and delivered for geographical visualizations.

Geovisualizing data

Data can be displayed through a variety of visualization techniques and mapping styles, all available through a set of client-side libraries. These come with powerful built-in features and can be deeply customized for tailor-made functionality.


Reliable data, insightful visualizations

Geovisualization comes with out-of-the box, rich, interactive visualization styles that help identify underlying proximity relationships and patterns. Our comprehensive data capture process provides a strong foundation for businesses to extract the insights they need to make better decisions.

Accurate and fresh location services

Obtain fresh, precise location information so you can make more informed decisions. HERE captures location data via an industrial process that assures map accuracy down to centimeters. This is essential when business data needs to be visualized on the map through an accurate geocoder and reverse geocoder service.

Out-of-the box visualization styles

Get immediate insights into business data and eliminate the need for heavy coding. Geovisualization comes with professionally designed, out-of-the box visualization libraries that reveal relationships between datasets and provide insights that get reflected in the bottom line.

A robust toolbox

Organize with ease and reach new levels of efficiency. Web-based developer tools allow you to upload and organize datasets in the HERE cloud, remove redundant data and combine data. You can also share datasets with other internal users or publicly, enabling effective collaboration.

Looking for more guidance?

For more information or to ask any specific questions about Geovisualization, get in touch with us directly.

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