HERE Auto Mobile SDK

Leading software assets for vehicle mobile companion and navigation apps


Integrating the mobile into OEM navigation experiences  

In-vehicle deployment of cellular connectivity and software frameworks, such as SmartDeviceLink™, now enable a seamless integration of the driver's mobile with OEM navigation solutions to either achieve a complete door-to-door experience including multi-modal travel or equip entry-level vehicles with mobile-based navigation.

The leading location assets of HERE Auto Mobile SDK enable OEMs to develop these mobile applications with optimal results and fastest time-to-market. Full integration with HERE Auto SDK and the HERE cloud blurs the line between mobile and embedded navigation.

Technical Information

Software assets for location-based mobile applications targeting vehicles

HERE Auto Mobile SDK is a set of market proven, fully documented software assets facilitating the development of location-based mobile applications for iOS and Android.

Integrators can add a customized UI layer representing their own brand and design. HERE Auto Mobile SDK comes with access to HERE maps and includes the core navigation domains, such as routing, guidance, positioning, map rendering, search and traffic. Its assets can be deployed standalone or become a building block of a larger OEM meta app.

HERE Auto Mobile SDK supports the following application scenarios:

  • Vehicle companion app with cloud-sync to HERE Auto SDK-based embedded navigation

  • Brought-in mobile navigation app mirrored to embedded IVI system

  • Stand-alone location-based service or navigation apps

How HERE Auto Mobile SDK works:

Feature-complete vehicle navigation

The sophisticated client-side navigation engine enables turn-by-turn guidance including Text-to-Speech (TTS), junction views, lane assistance and speed limit warnings among others.

Prepared for pedestrian routing

HERE Auto Mobile SDK supports turn-by-turn pedestrian routing on walkways and route planning across different transportation means including public transport.

In-sync with embedded navigation

Off-the-shelf exchange and synchronization with the HERE Auto SDK"s navigation core via HERE cloud enable the implementation of pre-trip planning, first and last mile use cases.

Access to world-class map assets

HERE Auto Mobile SDK provides access to HERE maps with dynamic download for 129 countries in 50 languages. Different map styles and 15,000+ textured 3D landmarks enrich the navigation experience.

Rich content with connected services

APIs for many HERE Connected Vehicle Services are included. OEMs can license weather, speed cameras, EV charging stations, fuel or off-street parking services to grow their offering.

Automotive lifecycle management

Fewer and longer release cycles, extended support and maintenance periods after EOL announcements and SLAs ensuring performance of core backend services truly automotive.

Our Differentiators, Your Differentiators

Turning the mobile into an essential part of the vehicle

HERE Auto Mobile SDK provides OEMs with easy-to-apply location assets enabling guidance experiences from low cost, mobile-based navigation to embedded solutions with mobile integration.

One stop shop

HERE Auto Mobile SDK is seamlessly integrated with HERE Auto SDK and HERE cloud, creating a one stop shop for software assets to develop a door-to-door guidance solution including embedded navigation and accompanying mobile application.

Guidance from door-to-door

Mobile companion application and embedded navigation work like a single device: addresses, POIs, future and past routes are automatically synced between them. Active routes can be handed over from the embedded system to the mobile companion and vice versa, enabling true door-to-door guidance.

In line with automotive needs

The automotive business alone is tough enough. Unwanted surprises on the supply side are not desirable. HERE Auto Mobile SDK provides OEMs with a carefree offering owed to its automotive-grade support and lifecycle management.

Performant in all situations

Pre-loading of maps and on-client rendering allows for operation even when cellular connectivity is not available, ensuring that the personal guidance experience does not end unexpectedly.

Ease of integration

HERE Auto Mobile SDK is fully documented and easy to deploy, preventing unexpected hurdles during the development process. As many HERE APIs are natively included, the integration of Connected Vehicle Services can be achieved in less time.

Access to mobility beyond the vehicle

Pedestrian guidance and route planning across different means of transportation, including public transport enables users to comfortably reach any destination - even those that private vehicles cannot access.

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