HERE Network Positioning

Smart positoning and tracking


Accurate positioning, online and offline

GPS is often taken for granted. But how do you find out where you are, or the location of a connected device, when a GPS signal is weak or non-existent? At the very least this can be frustrating. At worst, it can mean lost time and lost business.

HERE Network Positioning solves this problem with a dynamic, global positioning solution that combines and synthesizes data from WCDMA, TDMA, Open CID, and GSM Tracking.


Truly global and always up to date

By leveraging a global database of cell IDs and Wi-Fi access points that mobile devices can detect, HERE Network Positioning obtains a geographic position within a specific confidence radius.

The database includes millions of cell IDs and billions Wi-Fi access point locations, all dynamically updated and populated by millions of devices around the world. It is a truly global service that’s always up to date.

How HERE Network Positioning works:

GNSS-enabled devices

Devices establish a GPS fix to determine their position. They can also scan the radio environment for Wi-Fi access points and cell towers as part of their normal operation.


Devices send Wi-Fi and cell results, together with the GPS coordinates, to HERE Positioning servers. HERE Positioning servers combine the data from multiple devices to create a global representation of the radio environment – a crowd-sourced HERE radio map.

Using the radio map

A device without a GPS fix scans the Wi-Fi and cell radio environment and sends the result to the HERE Positioning servers. HERE Positioning servers then return the position.


A smarter way to position

With HERE Network Positioning, you can take advantage of high-grade positioning wherever you are in the world. Our smart, flexible solution ensures optimal power and data consumption on devices, without compromising on accuracy.

Online and offline modes

Accurately position your devices that have a weak GPS signal, or no signal at all. Hybrid mode reduces data connection, while offline mode automatically downloads radio map data for positioning without a data connection.

Truly global coverage

HERE Network Positioning uses GSM, WCDMA, LTE, CDMA and TD-SCDMA cellular networks, as well as Wi-Fi hotspots and neighbor cell-based positioning. The result is accurate location services anywhere, including in China.

Always-on positioning

HERE Network Positioning only requires a low level of power to operate effectively, meaning the service can remain on at all times. This enables quick and easy positioning, anytime and anywhere.

Enhanced accuracy

Even in urban environments with a high density of Wi-Fi access points and cell towers, HERE Network Positioning performs accurately.

Need more orientation?

For more information or to ask any specific questions about HERE Network Positioning, get in touch with us directly.