Turn every journey into a personalized guidance experience

Today’s connected world has fundamentally changed driver expectations. People want to travel safer, smarter, and more efficient. HERE Technologies offers a wide range of navigation and infotainment solutions to make this happen.


How HERE Technologies helps eliminate challenges on the road

  • Personalized and proactive

    Drivers want the right information at the right time, without distraction. HERE enables the embedded navigation system to learn driver behavior and preferences, providing customized and relevant recommendations along the way.

  • Highly accurate

    There’s a reason 4 out of 5 cars equipped with navigation systems in North America and Europe use our maps. Our entire portfolio of high quality, fresh map content and connected vehicle services provide a world-class guidance experience.

  • Available from door to door

    Guidance is not limited to the vehicle. Now more than ever, drivers demand pre-trip planning, last-mile guidance and more. HERE integrates mobile and desktop applications with the vehicle to make this end-to-end experience possible.

  • Improved safety, comfort, and efficiency

    Creating a safer, more reliable journey is top of mind at HERE. Our solutions provide dynamic information such as fuel stops, parking, and charging stations. The software provides an understanding of the road beyond what the eye can see, alerting drivers of upcoming incidents in a comfortable and intuitive way for more informed decisions.

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"The connected data sharing strategy championed by HERE continues to result in an impressive number of vehicles sold globally with the company’s maps on board, now exceeding 100 million."

  • ABI Research
    HERE Connects the Edge to the Cloud Through an Intelligent In-vehicle Software and Open Location Platform, Enabling an End-to-End SolutionFebruary 13, 2017Download now

Automotive innovation powered by HERE Technologies

Product portfolio


Today’s drivers want more than simple navigation. They expect in-vehicle navigation to provide up-to-date, contextual and relevant information. HERE Auto SDK enables OEMs to design guidance solutions, which blend learned driver behavior with the latest map and traffic information from the cloud to provide a truly personal and relevant experience.

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IN-vehicle infotainment software

HERE Electronic Horizon

We are racing towards a self-driving future. HERE Electronic Horizon translates map information with detailed road characteristics into actionable data for ADAS and autonomous driving applications, boosting reliability and extending awareness beyond sensor limits.

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Make every car journey smarter, safer and more efficient than ever before.  

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