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Unique location solutions for the electronics industry

Solutions for OEMs that enable services worldwide and that span indoor, outdoor, online and offline

Why OEMs choose HERE Technologies across devices and Operating Systems

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    Meet your business needs with our rich location experiences

    From rich map visualizations to multimodal navigation and support for Artificial Intelligence, HERE has a breadth of data and services that meets the needs of all location-based use cases for device OEMs, and we empower you to control the user experience.

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    Benefit from coverage that’s truly global

    HERE has the most complete, comprehensive coverage that extends even to China and Japan, that is available as map data or as a service.

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    Enable location awareness offline

    HERE Mobile SDK with vector maps, offline search and routing provides a no-compromise experience with fast performance, and HERE Network Positioning enables continuous location awareness while lowering power consumption.

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    Don’t limit yourself to the outdoors; navigate indoors as well

    Available with HERE Mobile SDK, we have extensive indoor coverage in nearly 15,000 locations globally including shopping malls, airports, transport venues, stadiums and private venues, and we enable seamless outdoor to indoor positioning and routing.

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    Receive excellent customer support

    We pride ourselves on our commitment to maximizing your success and our global team of technical support specialists will support you with proof of concepts, integration and QA.

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“For over 15 years, HERE has been a trusted global partner of geospatial map data and traffic services used to power many of the diverse industry leading products that Garmin offers. The combination of their high quality global digital maps and location centric services with a dedicated and supportive team of experienced industry professionals results in an overall value proposition that has been an important component to the ongoing success of our business.”

  • GarminDan BartelVice President, Consumer Sales
    January 12, 2017

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