HERE Indoor Positioning

Fast and accurate positioning indoors


Global positioning for a variety of uses

Still want to know where you are when you go inside? Locating a device’s position should not stop when you enter a building, nor become any less accurate. 

HERE Indoor Positioning provides fast, accurate global positioning indoors for a variety of enterprise, governmental and consumer use cases.


Powerful, immersive, versatile

Available through the HERE Mobile SDK for iOS and Android, HERE Indoor Positioning comes complete with enablement tools such as the HERE Indoor Radio Mapper. The HERE Indoor Radio Mapper (available on Google Play) enables the location of devices that are indoors – from offices to airports, to malls, and more. The technology can even determine which floor the device is on, creating a full 3D experience.

HERE Indoor Positioning integrates into other Mobile SDK services, including HERE Venue Maps, to power a variety of engaging indoor applications for enterprises, governments and consumers. Indoor location can be determined using WiFi or Bluetooth. HERE Venue Maps can deliver a seamless indoor-outdoor-indoor navigation experience, from start to finish.

How HERE Indoor Positioning works:

Uploading venue data

A venue’s radio map is uploaded to the cloud and becomes available on all mobile devices.

Available online and offline

Once downloaded, the radio map can be used offline to support those cases when an Internet connection is not available, but provides the same level of detail for interior mapping.

Accurate indoor location information

Applications can now be created that utilize indoor positioning. IPS technology pinpoints a user’s location at all times inside a building, regardless of the floor they are on.


Customizable accuracy and coverage

HERE Indoor Positioning gives you seamless positioning capabilities from outside to inside. It works offline and at a variety of different venues, making it a flexible solution for both businesses and consumers.

Accurate and seamless positioning

In addition to locating a device inside a building, HERE Indoor Positioning can detect which floor the device is on. Combined with our other positioning solutions, this provides a seamless, truly 3D indoor-outdoor-indoor navigation experience.

Works offline

By downloading HERE data, you can use HERE Indoor Positioning offline. This allows you to locate a device’s position even if you lose network connection, which is a common problem when indoors.

Public or private positioning

HERE provides both public and private venue and radio maps. This guarantees fast deployment, and supports a variety of enterprise and consumer use cases.

A self-serve tool

With HERE Indoor Radio mapper, venue owners can manage and control their indoor environment, providing flexibility for any occasion.


Powerful positioning anywhere, anytime

For offices

At the office or in the field, HERE Indoor Positioning helps your employees get to where they need to be. By combining indoor and outdoor positioning into one seamless experience, HERE enhances the mobility and efficiency of your workforce, and provides valuable insights along the way.

For travel

Increase revenue by reducing delays and making traveling more enjoyable. With HERE Indoor Positioning, you can help people navigate airports, go to the correct terminal, and arrive at the right gate at the right time.

For retail

Give customers timely notifications about relevant products and special offers as they move around your store. HERE Indoor Positioning is a cost-effective solution to add location awareness to your retail business.

Need a helping hand?

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