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Map data designed for the future

As disruptive technologies enable new services and urban mobility evolves, the world needs innovative mapping and data solutions. HERE is redefining the world by connecting everyone and everything through accurate location data.

HERE has been at the forefront of data innovations for decades and our experts understand how the world moves. We offer the highest quality content in terms of accuracy, freshness, speed of delivery and auto-grade quality.

To make location accessible to everyone, HERE is taking map and location data to the next level with the Open Location Platform, using APIs and SDKs.

Comprehensive coverage

Today we offer the world’s most complete automotive-grade coverage, the highest quality, and the riches set of features.. HERE’s robust map database contains nearly 56 million kilometers of roadways, which connect more than 88 million locations in more than 2,500 cities around the world.

Highly accurate data sources

Drivers rely on highly accurate and fresh data to guide them safely and efficiently to their destination. HERE mapping solutions support real-time requirements by aggregating data from multiple sources and validate its accuracy daily through quality programs. More than 1,500 communities and nearly 50,000 editors ensure the quality of our data.

High quality, real-time contextual awareness

HERE provides contextually relevant information to drivers in real-time. HERE’s unique ability to offer end-to-end mapping solutions includes raw data collection, ingestion and extraction, map creation, and data delivery.

Scalable data solutions for faster and more efficient navigation systems

HERE Road Roughness

HERE Road Roughness utilizes the HERE data collection tool to provide users with information on the road network quality for effective road budgeting, maintenance and vehicle operating costs.

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Places Extract

Fresh, comprehensive and consolidated, HERE places data contains more than 88 million places in 194 countries available on-demand in a single extract format.

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“For over 15 years, HERE has been a trusted global partner of geospatial map data and traffic services used to power many of the diverse industry leading products that Garmin offers. The combination of their high quality global digital maps and location centric services with a dedicated and supportive team of experienced industry professionals, results in an overall value proposition that has been an important component to the ongoing success of our business.”

Dan BartelVice President, Consumer Sales, Garmin

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