Next-level Automation is HERE

Autonomous driving is no longer a dream for the future. The automotive industry is rapidly moving toward a world in which the vehicle is able to take increasingly more responsibility for driving maneuvers. However, like many in the industry, HERE Technologies anticipates that there will be a series of sequential steps towards full automation.


Increase driver trust in autonomous vehicles with HERE HD Live Map

  • Plan better, arrive on time

    Taking the “machine-feel” out of the vehicle, HERE HD Live Map provides near real-time information on dynamic events such as traffic and hazards, allowing cars to make smarter choices.

  • Enhanced safety

    Safety comes first on the road. HERE HD Live Map provides accurate lane models and features that can assist cars in proper lane adjustment, drift corrections, and speed management, as well as lane changes and overtaking. 

  • Fresh, reliable, maintainable

    Fresh data is crucial to inform driving decisions. HERE HD Live Map analyzes data from multiple sources, such as satellite imagery and sensors from OEM fleets in real time, ensuring it's always fresh. It’s a map that maintains itself.

  • Learn more about how we’re shaping the future of driving. HERE HD Live Map
How HERE Technologies is making sense of the road

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