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Harmonizing the retail experience

Hyper-personalized promotions and delivery options powered by location are now a reality

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Use location technology to delight audiences with timely, relevant offers and convenient deliveries.


Target effectively

Identify audiences with geofencing, and reach them at the right moment, on the right channel.


Personalize experiences

Design tailored and well-timed ads with more accurate location-derived audiences.

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Provide options

Offer more convenient pickup-in-store and delivery options with real-time ETAs.

Ready to go deeper?

Deliver harmonized retail experiences with location data

When you apply location intelligence to your marketing strategy, you can build more targeted campaigns and deliver more harmonized retail experiences. Find out how.

Want to learn more?

A free consultation lets you:

  • Discuss your unique business needs with our location intelligence specialists to improve your campaign targeting
  • Find out how to increase your marketing ROI with contextual location insight