through location



Delivering on mission-critical use cases

  • Web and Mobile Web: enabling the latest services that people want, from local search to  multi-modal directions and more
  • Asset Management: track and get real-time insights into your mobile and fixed assets
  • Business Mapping: visualise complex business data to make better decisions faster
  • Map and Spatial Intelligence: geocoding and batch geocoding services for better business insights
  • Business Locator: make it easier for people to find you on the HERE Map

Platform services expressly built for enterprise

The HERE Platform enables fast, easy, cost-efficient creation of customisable location-aware experiences spanning desktop, mobile or web use.
  • Get access to the world’s best map, including point addressing, census data, postal code boundaries, truck-related driving data and POIs, parking restrictions, and more 
  • Simplify development with geo-coding and multi-reverse geocoding, vehicle and pedestrian routing, traffic-enabled routing, truck, and more

We built the infrastructure
so you don’t have to

With the HERE Platform, you have easy access to a world-class infrastructure that lets you:
  • Deploy virtually anywhere in the world
  • Pay for only the specific services you use
  • Ensure fast response time and reliable uptime and availability
  • Scale up or down depending on your business needs
  • Download huge data files via electronic download services 

Customer support you can rely on

HERE provides customers with insight, knowledge, expertise and comprehensive support.
  • Technical customer support: global engineering expertise with local market knowledge and language support
  • Customer engineering: software solutions to reduce time to market
  • Customer programme management: complete lifecycle management from RFQ through product sunset
  • Ecommerce services: customised web properties for map updates, product activation and more