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Smart Guidance

Modern location technology is transforming the way we drive, connecting us to more road information than ever before. As such, the car is becoming much more than a transport method from point A to point B - it is a smart dimension in the intelligent device world. The driving experience is now about understanding the driver by aggregating data from the vehicle, personal profiles, preferences and behaviors to provide a deeply personal and contextually aware experience in the vehicle. A Smart Guidance experience means providing information to the driver that is useful every day – proactively solving the simple but important problems.  

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Intelligent Car

Why is automated driving such a major topic?

Technology is rapidly transforming vehicles to provide more than just transportation, creating new realities for manufacturers and new experiences for drivers. We know the industry trends - because for more than a quarter century, we’ve worked alongside automotive leaders to literally transform the way the world moves from point A to point B. Market demands are changing and the radical advances in technology have allowed a new generation of connected vehicles to emerge.

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Automotive Services and Traffic

In our fast paced modern age, seamless mobility is everything. Don’t let unexpected weather, congestion, or accident delays get you off track. HERE Traffic will assist drivers in navigating traffic and help them arrive right on time. HERE Automotive Services will make it fast and easy to deliver fresh, dynamic content that is specially geared towards drivers.

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Customer services you can rely on

HERE provides customers with insight, knowledge, expertise and comprehensive support.
  • Technical customer support: global engineering expertise with local market knowledge and language support
  • Customer engineering: software solutions to reduce time to market
  • Customer program management: complete lifecycle management from RFQ through product sunset
  • Ecommerce services: customized web properties for map updates, product activation and more

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