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MediaTek adds HERE Network Positioning on its chipsets
Philip Barker

Philip Barker

In today's highly connected world, the expectation that your devices will instantly locate your exact position, no matter where you are, is higher than ever before.

HERE positioning technology can determine the position of any device anywhere in the world, quickly and accurately, indoors as well as outdoors and even offline, which is opening doors for businesses worldwide.

HERE is already providing positioning services to several device manufacturers and solution providers, and now MediaTek, a Taiwanese fabless semiconductor company and one of the world's largest providers of system-on-chip (SoC) solutions for wireless communications, is offering HERE Network Positioning on the MT2503 family to customers that ship products overseas from China. One of MediaTek's major IoT customers, 3G Electronics (3GE), is already using chipsets that use HERE's solution in its KidsWatch series of smartwatches sold outside China.

Fast and accurate global positioning technology

HERE Network Positioning uses proprietary technology to quickly and accurately determine a device's location based on mobile network and Wi-Fi signals. It's a crucial component of the connected experience and the HERE database improves positioning accuracy significantly.

Wherever you are, HERE can enable a device to locate your position to within a few meters, and even the floor you're on within a multi-story building. Working with MediaTek, we can help to introduce millions of people to new technologies for products around the globe.

How HERE Network Positioning works



Most of today's smart devices use what are known as Assisted GNSS services, which compile position information obtained over an Internet connection with satellite services to locate the device's position. Network positioning technology goes one step further – it uses the device's built-in appetite for signals and networks to locate its position.

HERE positioning services use the HERE global database of hundreds of millions of cellular towers and Wi-Fi hotspots to see which are available. By knowing which signals are in range, the device can figure out exactly where it is.

Never lose your bearings

HERE Network Positioning compiles this information and turns it into an ever-growing "radio map", a subset of which can be preloaded in the device and provide the service offline.

Since the technology uses the existing measurement technology of connected devices, network positioning re-uses the signals already obtained, meaning additional battery power isn't needed.

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