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How Homeland Security uses location tech to help save lives
Bradley Walker

Bradley Walker

HERE is proud to provide extensive location intelligence to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in ensuring the safety of citizens at the federal, state, and local levels.

We’ve said before that our future world will be a collaborative world. In the ongoing effort to better understand how people, objects, and spaces interconnect, collaborative data is gathered from a broad array of sources and formats. After all of these data points are unified, they can be leveraged to serve a huge array of private and public endeavors.

One of the public undertakings that we support is the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS). By providing maps and places, we’re helping to improve the safety and security of communities across the United States of America. 

HERE data is put to work to enhance responses to multiple use cases. By using the HERE Map Data Suite, all levels of government can visualize locations of emergency service stations, rescue centers, and district offices.

These simulations help create at-the-ready plans for the worst possible scenarios. In the event of a building collapse, planners can understand the best possible ways for fire, police, ambulances and other first-responders to reach the locations where help is needed most.

HERE location technology plays a part in creating contingency plans for emergencies at every level for state and local first responders. By adding Real-Time Traffic, planners and dispatchers have access to real-time optimized routes for regular site visits, or responding to emergency incidents. In the future, HERE Venues Maps are put to work in determining the fastest methods for evacuating buildings. Those same principles can be used to produce plans for evacuating areas that could be hit by natural disasters.

Lastly, HERE provides the location intelligence that helps planners understand everything from how best to protect the safety of the public, to deploying security teams during major events like the superbowl, world series, and international conventions. How high does it go? All staff routing for current and former U.S. presidents is conducted using HERE data.

With HERE location technology, all levels of government can use advanced, comprehensive data to provide advanced public safety planning and emergency responses. We're proud to support the DHS in their mission to maintain the safety and security of the United States.