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HERE and SAP combine forces to power Lenovo’s latest data solution
Julia Johnston

Julia Johnston

Lenovo Intelligent Insights, SAP Data Hub and HERE drive data-driven transformation within the industry.

Businesses around the world are up against tremendous challenges. From the customer side, the influx of on-demand services and deeply customized and transparent products are some of the latest obstacles. At the same time, there are also technology challenges businesses are facing, like the transition to the cloud, the Internet of Things and automation.

In an increasingly data-intensive world, Lenovo Intelligent Insights with SAP Data Hub helps people and enterprises understand and optimize their data. The Data Hub instantly combines siloed data sources into one end-to-end solution with complete visibility. It merges, processes and categorizes data into the right places automatically, maximizing the data’s value by making it easier to locate and inspire actionable takeaways and next steps. And with cloud capabilities, Lenovo Intelligent Insights with SAP Data Hub, allows data to be safely accessed from anywhere.

To help make sense out of disparate data sets from various sources, Lenovo needed the strongest mapping and location services platform in the industry. Enter HERE Technologies.

With our immersive database of Points of Interest, customer data sets and millions of building footprints, HERE supports countless initiatives such as the optimization of marketing campaigns and dollars spent, by improving targeting and attribution.

HERE intelligence also drives the optimization of travel times. By taking into account real-world data (i.e. traffic jams), severe weather, and customer data (i.e. flight times), HERE builds predictive services and instantly informs travelers of disruptions along their way. This high level of visibility and communication increases customer retention and satisfaction and allows a traveler to arrive at their destination safe and stress free.

Another scenario of HERE intelligence at work is in supply chain optimization. By combining data sets from within the warehouse, the yard, and across the entire journey, HERE helps businesses predict supply chain disruptions providing complete visibility and traceability from end-to-end.

With this latest solution, Lenovo, SAP and HERE combine their expertise around a scalable data center, utilizing HERE location intelligence to help businesses gain a deeper understanding of their customers, and how their business can benefit from data-based, personalized solutions that increases their productivity and efficiency.