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adsquare uses HERE location data to offer a better platform for advertisers
Philip Barker

Philip Barker

Mobile data exchange adsquare helps companies and their advertisers target the right people, with location forming an integral part of its platform. Now, adsquare will be using HERE location data to offer an even more accurate service.

Ever wondered how advertisers know who to target to offer the best chance of selling their services? Companies like adsquare can make all the difference, providing a real-time platform that helps advertising agencies and businesses to make informed choices about audience demographics and bidding decisions.

It's scalable, secure and privacy-friendly, and with HERE now providing the location data, adsquare is even more precise. Advertisers have started targeting people with mobile as a focus, and it means that data is more important than ever before.

Using the right location data is particularly vital, and adsquare will use the HERE global database of places - to understand exactly what consumers are doing in the real world. We continuously update our places data by drawing on thousands of different sources, including from social media partners, and by applying machine learning to identify true locations and remove irrelevant or duplicated information. Today, HERE Places Extract covers 144 million places, each accurately geocoded to the map.

adsquare also offers intelligent household data, app usage information, socio-demographic and sensory data, enabling advertisers to create contextually relevant and effective advertising.

Subway, Oath and AOL Platforms, are some of the companies who have turned to adsquare to better target their advertising. The fast-growing company is already in 11 European markets, with offices in Berlin, London and Paris, and recently expanded into the United States.

The partnership with HERE enables adsquare to expand their dataset footprint to cover the whole globe. It also enables adsquare to offer advertisers and their agencies an incomparable level of precision and accuracy for hyperlocal campaigns.

We’re also delighted to work with adsquare because they're providing a novel way to exploit our location data.