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Real-time asset visibility

With a 360° view, optimizing your supply chain is now a reality

Uncover inefficiencies and opportunities

Surviving in today’s hyper-competitive market requires a fully-optimized supply chain.

Unexpected supplier shipment delays, half-empty freight runs, and misplaced assets all slow down production and impact your customers.

With end-to-end visibility of the supply chain, it’s easier to reduce inefficiencies, identify risks and address challenges before they become critical.

When all supply chain assets are traceable, it’s possible to:

  • Provide accurate ETAs
  • Reduce waste and delays
  • Increase inventory velocity
  • Meet customer SLAs

Get a 360° view

Key advantages

Modernize your supply chain

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Boost efficiency

Optimize supply chain processes, reduce the impact of unexpected delays and increase inventory turnover. With comprehensive data, gain visibility and traceability of all assets moving across your supply chain.

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Reduce costs

Avoid surprises and stay in control of your supply chain with a 360° view of all your assets, all the time. Streamline the flow of products from factory to customer to reduce waste, misplacements and delays.

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Data-driven optimizations

With real-time information on the status of shipments, track asset movements, better align cargo connections and monitor supplier patterns to improve lead times and reduce inventory surplus.

Top supply chain tech trends

Get Gartner’s report on the top supply chain technology trends for 2019.

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Partners in success

Delivering end-to-end visibility together

HERE and SAP are working together on a range of supply chain, mobility, transport and logistic solutions that bring innovative location services like real-time tracking, mapping and traffic to a new generation of companies.

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Ready for a 360° view?

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